My goal as your doula is to help you to have a positive, safe, and memorable birth experience.

Congratulations! This is such an exciting time for everyone involved. Adding a Doula to your birth team helps to make this journey a smoother transition for Mothers and their Partners. 

Your partner: Your partner has a key role in your birth; I will certainly not replace them, but instead be an additional support, first to you and also to them.

You: I will be available to you throughtout your pregnancy by phone and email, to answer any questions or concerns you may have. I will be on-call for you at 38 weeks. I will assist with pain management techniques throughout your labour and be a constant advocate for you and your birth plan. After the birth I will stay for 1  hour for support and to assist with breastfeeding. I want to help you have a memorable and positive birth experience.

**Hiring a Doula is an investment and I am happy to offer you a payment plan if you book with me in advance**

***Please note Doula services may be fully or partially covered if you have hired a Midwife for your birth!
Please call your insurance company to see if this applies to you.
Contact  Jillian!
 Doula Services: FULL SERVICES

Outline of Services:

-Initial (complimentary) meeting to get to know eachother

-2 prenatal visits. We will go over breathing       techniques, labour positions, your birth plan and more

-Phone and E-mail support throughout your pregnancy
  24 hour, on-call availibility beginning at 38 weeks until     your birth

-Continuous support throughout your labour and birth

-Breastfeeding and latch assistance post birth

-1 casual post-partum visit, within 2 weeks of birth:
                 -Process your Birth experience
                 -Breastfeeding information
                 -Connections to additional resources as you   continue your postpartum journey

*Optional add-on of 'Fresh Baby' Photography (At     discounted price)

*Postpartum, I will be availible to you and your partner     via phone or email for additional support


Outline of Services:

-Initial (complimatary) meeting. This gives you time to tell   me what is important to you and your parenting   philosophy.

-I am able to help you in your home after baby arrives. This   includes help with new baby and techniques that may help   you in this new journey. 
-Help with breastfeeding and infant feeding.
-Helping you to bond with baby.
-Help with light housekeeping (dishes, laundry, meal prep)
-Running errands for you so you can relax.
-Help with older children (getting them set up with   homework, snacks, reading while you bond with baby) 

I am there to support you and to help give you confidence.
I can offer resources for additional help you may need.

As women in this day in age we have the mentality that we need to do it all! And this can take a toll on us physically, emotionally and mentally. Women need support and people they can count on to be there for them during this amazing stage of motherhood. 

Postpartum care allows you to heal and bond with baby, I am there as part of your support system.